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As far as I know IGT made their slot machines so they can be operated from 120After pressing the reset button a small sound came out the speaker and the codeThe wires should normally be disconnected from each other, they should only...

IGT slot machine not working ... and they do not support the S+ machines any more ... It blinked cash out which I pushed because it said 2 in winner paid. IGT S+ bill validator won'twork - News: IGT S+ bill validator won'twork ... **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games (Moderators ... check them and put them out with some test pattern ... IGT S and S-plus Reel Games - News: News: Please take the time to fill out all of your ... Questions about IGT S+ DBV200. How does the cash ... **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus ... IGT slot machine not working - News:

I'm 100% sure it was the wire going to the CC, making intermittent contact, with the insulation helping to hold it together. FIXED! I noticed all the lights around the side buttons were burned out so I bought some slightly lower voltage, "less hot" bulbs used in pinball machines.

All of our games are 100% shopped out and returned to factory specs. We only ... I have 20 WBA bill validators, They were remove from a working Game Kings and replace with UBA's..(928) 234-6621 With cash cans and housing ... I need help setting up the hardware to the Button panel , ... Re: IGT S2000 and S+ Parts lot! Bally Reel Games - Newlifegames Bally 1000's, 2000's, 5000's, 5500's, and 6000's reel slot machines. Pages: [1] 2 3 . ... how to make your own Bally 5000 keypad with a 16 button 9 pin surplus keypad. Started by .... IGT and Bally ... Bally 5500 Pro- Counters and Cash Out? PE+ Hopper problem - Coin-Out Timeout - New Life Games LLC

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igt slant top pe+ double double poker wba 11 no working |… by taken every buddy advice and a little luck (no knowledge) i got it working the wba 11 is bad by taken the cage out changing plugs and using wba12 from junk machine (pic reply 33) plug in and it started to work it takes bills (with out set chip). New Life Games LLC New Life Games is a Family Owned & Operated Slot Shop. With Over 30 Years experience in the repair and restoration Of Slot Machines, PokerWe carry most spare parts for your games and can order and ship most parts with in 5 working days. All of our games are 100% shopped out and... After replacing MB battery, will not cash out

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day about the plating on the S+ machines I have.I have a 5 of these video slot machines from 1998 as well, they are made by Casino Data Systems.

AC Coin "King of the Grill" iGame with errors - help needed The meter disconnect should be easy enough, as I know we've seen that before, but the Bonus Device errors are strictly related to games made by AC Coin (it is an IGT machine, with AC Coin game and bonus devices installed). I can't help you there at all, but I know a few of our members have or have had AC Coin games. Bill Acceptor not working - New Life Games We service and repair all types of slot machines. Mills, Jennings, Bally EM, 1000/2000 series, Proslot, 6000. IGT M, M+ ,S, S+, S-2000, I-Game, Universal, Video Poker, Sigma, Bally Alpha's , Williams-550, DOTS, BBU I don't have a WEB SITE, HOWEVER, I have hundreds of parts and reel strips and glass. If you need something, call or send me a pm. PE+ Slant Top Video Poker Machine - News: It wasn't hooked up to anything but it has terminals to hook four wires up to each side of it. I took it out being it wasn't hooked up to anything. Also when I was picking it up the guy took out the cash box there were a bunch of old 1's, a couple old 5's, and an old 20 in there so I'm thinking it must accept 1's on up. The coin comparator is a ...